ZELENIT — Foliar Feeding

What does foliar feeding mean?

Foliar feeding is a kind of nutrients supply by spraying a fertilizer onto plant’s leaves and stalks.

Foliage of a plant absorbs nutrients quicker than roots.

In emergency situations, foliar feeding is a perfect way to support your plant.

Foliar feeding shall be applied in the following cases:

  • weak root system
  • for seedlings
  • for those plants that cannot be fed through their roots, for example succulents and orchids
  • bad weather — drought or cold, when soil treatment is difficult.

Foliar feeding can be useful not for weakened plants only. It is a frequent case when a plant is unable to gain necessary amount of nutrients from soil, then foliar feeding can help. Foliar dressing rather adds than substitutes soil dressing.

Foliar feeding does no harm to the environment. Nutrients content in the foliar fertilizer is lower than in the soil one. The fertilizer does not get into the soil but stays on the leaves, still without any risk of plant overfeeding.

AEROSOL ZELENIT is a foliar fertilizer with an adequate composition ready for application and developed specially for spring, summer and autumn.