SMART FERTILIZER for the Second Part of Summer

SMART FERTILIZER for the First Half of Summer

SMART FERTILIZER ZELENIT — for Root and Foliar Feeding

It is developed for use in private subsidiary farming for application to the following: seedlings, vegetables, potatoes, fruit trees, berry-producing shrubs, strawberries, lawns, ornamental flowers and other plants cultivated in gardens.


  • polymer contained in the fertilizer allows to hold nutrients on the leaves and at the roots supplying them therefore just at the moment of need;
  • helps to maintain soil fertility;
  • reduces an amount of mineral fertilizers to be applied
Nutrients Content (not less)
Nitrogen 10%
Potassium 3%
Phosphorus 2,3%
Microelements: Fe, Cu, Mo, B, Zn, Mn, Co, Mg, S 1500 мг/л
Method of Application Foliar Feeding. . Add 100 ml of fertilizer to 10 l of water and spray the mixture from watering can or sprinkler onto the plants in an amount of 1.5-3 liters per 10 square meters of cultivated area. Root Feeding. Add 10-20 ml (1 tablespoonful) of fertilizer to 10 liters of water and pour the mixture onto the root zone in an amount of 2-10 liters of mixture per 1 square meter of cultivated area. Treatment Periods
  • the first treatment shall be performed during initial growing stage;
  • subsequent ones — 1-3 times during vegetation period with an interval of 10-12 days until the period of budding, setting and tuber formation.