Root Feeding for Indoor Plants

Super concentrate Zelenit for flowering plants: azalea, orchids, acalypha, anthurium, bougainvillea, hibiscus, jasmine, rose, gardenia.


What does super concentrate Zelenit do for flowering plants?

  • increases their size, brightness, color intensity;
  • provides additional budding and lush flowering;
  • increases disease and stress resistance;
  • compensates nutritional deficiency;
  • influences effectively on root development.

Super concentrate Zelenit for foliar plants: palms, ficus, citrus plants, dieffenbachia, coffee, begonia, coleus, maranta, monstera, strawberries, vegetable seedling.


What does Zelenit do for foliar plants?

  • provides plants with an adequate nutrition;
  • accelerates growth, makes a plant higher and larger;
  • makes effective impact on root development;
  • enlarges leaf size;
  • increases disease and pest resistance.

Special autumn super concentrate Zelenit — Antistress shall be applied at disease and pest exposures, replanting and relocation, changes of temperature or illumination


What does special autumn super concentrate Zelenit-Antistress do?

  • makes a plant prepared for dormant period;
  • enhances plant immunity;
  • suppresses fungus and bacteria effects;
  • enhances plant survivability at replanting and cutting;
  • improves the appearance of decorative plants;
  • facilitates root formation, growth and development of plants;
  • increases their tolerance to temperature changes.