AEROSOL. Fertilizer for foliage plants

Zelenit for foliage plants is a kind of an aerosol fertilizer specially used for plants with large leaf surface area such as: palms, ficuses, citrus cultures, tuftroots, coffea, begonias, coleuses, arrowroots, monsteras, strawberries, vegetable seedlings, etc.


What does Zelenit do?

  • increases resistance to stress
  • enlarges leaf surface area
  • suppress pest and disease effect
  • compensates for a lack of nutrients
  • accelerates the growth, increases plant size
  • influences effectively on root development
  • provides higher plant nutrition from soil
When to Feed
  • during intensive growth of a plant (March-July) — once two weeks
  • at the preparation of soil for plant bedding or replanting
Nutrients Content
Nitrogen (N) 0,5%
Microelements: Fe, Cu, Mo, B, Zn, Mn, Co, Mg, S 50 мг/л